Doctor Sleep is based on the 2013 Stephen King book with the same name. The book is a sequel to King’s 1977 novel, The Shining. The events of Doctor Sleep happen several decades after the events in The Shining, but the sequel has elements of the original novel. 

Doctor Sleep follows a psychic man, Danny Torrance, who struggles with childhood trauma. As a child, Danny and his mom escaped from the Overlook Hotel, but ghosts from the hotel continued to haunt Danny. Danny learned how to silence these ghosts by making use of ‘the shining’. At the same time, a cult known as the True Knot learned how to feed on the dying corpses of people with the shining ability to keep themselves young.

In the present day, Danny continues to struggle with the events at Overlook, and he eventually becomes an alcoholic. He eventually regains control of his life, and he gets a job at a hospital. He uses his supernatural abilities to comfort patients who are dying, and he earns the name Doctor Sleep.

The True Knot continues to hunt people with the shining. Danny teams up with a girl called Abra to destroy the True Knot. Unfortunately, Danny is forced to release his ghosts to defeat the cult, and the ghosts possess him. Danny finds that the only way to save Abra is by killing himself.

Will Doctor Sleep come to Netflix?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Doctor Sleep will come to Netflix. Warner Bros. Pictures will handle distribution of the film in the United States and internationally.

Warner Bros. is set to unveil its streaming service, HBO Max, in May 2020. Doctor Sleep will very likely be available on HBO Max.

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