Dawn Staley is the most successful black coach in college basketball history. In early April 2022, her South Carolina juggernaut dominated a UConn side that couldn’t keep up, with the Gamecocks running out 64-49 victors. The victory made Staley the first black coach to win two Division 1 NCAA Tournaments. 

Staley has turned South Carolina into a powerhouse of college basketball. She’s led them to 10 consecutive NCAA tournaments, four Final Four appearances, and two national championships. The win suggests that South Carolina has knocked UConn off its perch, becoming the top women’s basketball program in the country. 

Staley is secretive about her love life, and it’s unclear if she’s dating

Dawn Staley rarely addresses her love life. She addresses other aspects of her personal life, including her family life, but keeps her dating life private. 

Therefore, it’s unclear whether Dawn is dating. As far as we can tell, Dawn Staley is single. 

Dawn has been romantically linked with South Carolina’s associate head coach Lisa Boyer

In the last five years, Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley have collaborated to secure two national championship wins for South Carolina. 

Some suggest that Lisa and Dawn’s relationship goes beyond friendship and into romance. The basis of the speculation is the following tweet by Boyer:

“Boyer!! We are that old married couple who started young and will grow old together. You put the ride and die in the RIDE and DIE! Proud of you Boyer. Thanks for sacrificing your career to help to me serve our teams, program, university and state. What a ride?!”

The tweet is hardly concrete evidence of a relationship: there’s nothing else to suggest that Lisa and Dawn are anything more than close friends and colleagues.