Darrell Waltrip is a NASCAR legend famous for lifting the Cup Series title thrice in the early 1980s. He is widely considered one of the greatest NASCAR drivers.

Racing fans of the 21st century know Waltrip as a Fox Sports analyst rather than a racer. Waltrip’s goofy character as an analyst contrasted sharply with his abrasiveness as a racer. Nevertheless, Waltrip attracted love and adoration from the racing community throughout his racing and media careers. 

Darrell Waltrip is healthy and analyzes races from his couch

Fans raised concerns about Darrell Waltrip when he announced that he wouldn’t attend Daytona 500. Thankfully, Darrell is healthy. “Everything is good in the Waltrip household, we are all healthy and well!” he tweeted on 20th February 2023. 

Darrell still analyzes races but does so from the comfort of his couch. In April 2021, Waltrip told NASCAR.com that he wasn’t enjoying retirement but felt that he left FOX at the right time, considering the effects of COVID-19 on NASCAR broadcasting: 

“When I look back, and COVID-19 hit and the way they had to do TV last year — they did all the races from a studio in Charlotte — I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that because I’m a see it, feel it, touch it, hear it, smell it kind of guy. I guess the good Lord was looking out for me, and the timing was probably better than I thought.”

Waltrip dispenses his racing knowledge and opinions via social media. His Twitter page contains comments about races and NASCAR in general. It also includes posts about his family, who seem to be his main priority in old age. 

The last time Darrell was seriously ill, he underwent emergency gallbladder surgery. “I had no idea I had anything wrong,” Waltrip told NBC Sports in February 2014. “I just got sick all of a sudden. I was getting ready to leave to come down here. Next thing you know I was rushed into the emergency room and they took out my gallbladder.”

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