Dalton Janway and his grandparents, Terry and Dalton Janway, were found dead inside their residence in Oklahoma. Terry and Dalton are parents to Chandra Janway, Jimmie Johnson’s wife. Police suspect the manner of death is murder-suicide perpetrated by Terry. “It’s looking very likely that it’s a murder-suicide,” Muskogee Police Officer Lynn Hamlin said. 

The identities of Dalton Janway’s parents are unclear

Dalton Janway’s parentage is unclear. He was Chandra Janway’s nephew, one of her siblings’ children. Chandra Janway grew up alongside three siblings: Jordan, Caleb, and Marianne. 

Jordan died childless in 2014 of injuries sustained in a skydiving accident. Therefore, one of Dalton’s parents is either Caleb or Marianne. 

Unlike Marianne, Caleb has yet to address his parents’ death. “Please tell me this isn’t really happening,” Marianne wrote on Facebook. “Please God, someone.”