It’s been just over three years since Corbin Johnson disappeared. Initially, his family held hope that Corbin left and would return, but a year after his disappearance, a man discovered his remains in the woods. Johnson’s family stayed out of the spotlight at that time. However, some of Corbin’s relatives have been spoken out following the release of a song referencing his death. 

Rapper Foolio has released a song with the following lyrics: Corbin got kidnapped/ They found his bones he was rotten/ they knocked his ass off/ John acted a fool till they walked his ass down. The song has gone viral on TikTok. 

Corbin was murdered, and police are yet to find the culprit

In July 2019, a man clearing in the woods found Corbin’s remains wrapped in a bag. It took police four days to link the remains to Corbin Johnson.

Jahreeka Sims and her friend were some of the last people to see Corbin Jackson alive. Via a FaceTime video call, Johnson told Sims that he was at Amazon for a job interview. He also said that he was waiting for a ride. 

Johnson’s father, Corey Morman, dropped him off for another interview with UPS at 5 pm before picking him up 45 minutes later. He left Corbin at his mother’s house at 8 pm. Corbin’s mother, Milissa Morman-Jackson, last saw him at half-past nine. 

Search efforts for Johnson went cold quickly as a combined search effort failed to locate the teenager. 

“I’m at a loss for words,” Jahreeka told after authorities identified Corbin’s remains. “I don’t know what to do right now. How could people be so evil?”

Authorities classified Johnson’s death as a homicide and called on the community to help solve the murder. The police are yet to find the person guilty of Corbin’s murder.