The interest in Sofia Carson’s dating life has sky-rocketed following her starring appearance in Netflix’s Purple Hearts. It’s challenging to find out who Sofia is dating as she’s ruled out dating a celebrity and sharing her personal life. She told Extra:

“To me, it’s about my art and the music and the films that I put out into the world and not about my personal life. I still do love sharing personal moments that are special to me with fans, but it was definitely a choice to keep my private life private because it’s not what this is about for me.”

With recent information about her love-life scarce, we’ve chosen to look at a rumored relationship from the past. 

Cameron Boyce and Sofia Carson were close friends and never dated

Sofia Carson grew close during their appearances in the Descendants films. The pair were rumored to be dating, but Cameron shut down the reports during an interview promoting Descendants:

“I’m dating five people. I’m dating [Dove], I’m dating Sofia, I’m dating Sofia’s sister, I’m dating Brenna [D’Amico], I’m dating Sophie [Reynolds]. I’m dating everyone and I’m dating none of them.”

Sadly, Boyce passed away in early July 2019 due to an epileptic seizure. A week after his passing, Carson dedicated the following Instagram to her beloved co-star:

“I couldn’t bring myself to do this because doing this makes it real. Letting you go is not something I know how to do. And I just can’t fathom living in a world without you. I love you, Cam. And I will love you. Forever.”

Sofia is an active participant in The Cameron Boyce Foundation to End Epilepsy. The foundation’s website reads:

“The Cameron Boyce Foundation (est. 2019) honors the legacy of Cameron Boyce by aiming to cure epilepsy through funding research, education and awareness campaigns while still supporting causes that were important to Cameron.”

She performed during a May 2022 fundraiser for the foundation. On the third anniversary of Boyce’s death, Sofia wrote on Instagram: “Three years without you. I love you, forever. I miss you, forever.”