TikTok has come up with another challenge, and this time it involves feet and a famous rabbit name. The Bugs Bunny challenge is surprisingly unrelated to the famous cartoon character. It is based more on a pun in a Russian song that has now gone viral thanks to the online challenge.

TikTok trends based on semi-famous songs are becoming common on the platform. The challenges are coming thick and fast as well. Several days ago, we were swaying our hips to the rhythm of the ‘Lock it’ challenge, and now we need to lay on our bellies for the Bugs Bunny challenge.

This piece will look at the inspiration behind the Bugs Bunny challenge, its reception, and its risqué version.

The Bugs Bunny challenge is based on a pun in the song Gucci by Timati and Egor Creed

To participate in the Bugs Bunny challenge you need four things: A camera phone, a mirror, brightly colored or white socks, and the song Gucci by Timati and Egor Kreed. The challenge uses a slowed-down version of the song created by artists Gerda and DARI.

You need to memorize the lyrics to the song Gucci beforehand. The recognizable part of the song starts at 1:48. The lyrics roughly translate to “I’m the dirtiest rabbit, Bugs Bunny/ Throwing money in the sauna, bucks in the bath/ I mix Mentos with Cola for fun.”

There is one definite Bugs Bunny lyric on the song, but if you listen closely it sounds like the artist says it two times. The part ‘bucks in the bath’ sounds a lot like Bugs Bunny. Therefore, the challenge is based on a pun.

After you’ve aced the lyrics, lay on your stomach in front of a mirror so you can film yourself with your rear camera. As the part where you hear Bugs Bunny comes up, raise your feet above your feet to make it seem like you have bunny ears.

Whatever you choose to do with your ‘bunny ears’ after that is entirely up to you. Most users prefer to wiggle their feet or turn them into a V.

The song’s creator Egor Kreed has endorsed the Bugs Bunny challenge by participating in it

One of the artists on the song, Egor Kreed, has endorsed its use on TikTok by posting videos of himself participating in the challenge.

TikTok challenges based on songs are hugely beneficial to the artists who create the songs. Gucci has surged in popularity ever since the challenge started trending on TikTok.


я самый грязный 🐰🔥 пацаны, просто перейдите по звуку😉

♬ самый грязный заяц – DARÍ, GERDA & GRAND

A risqué version of the Bugs Bunny challenge is slowly gaining traction on TikTok

It is becoming a trend on TikTok for challenges to have a ‘clean’ version and a ‘dirty’ version. In its original format, the Bugs Bunny challenge is completely innocent. It shares a name with one of the most beloved characters in the world; therefore, one wouldn’t imagine that there is something dirty about the challenge.

However, some TikTokers have added a risqué twist at the end of the video, which involves raising one’s hips for a sensual pose. The sultry version is less popular than the original version, but it is slowly gaining traction as the likes and shares tick upward.