Sadly, we won’t see Brett Gray again on Netflix’s On My Block. Thankfully, it’s improbable that a man as talented as Brett will fade off after providing such mature performances in his breakout role. Gray’s exceptional performances in On My Block didn’t surprise those who’d seen him perform since he was six.

The multi-talented star saw himself in his character Jamal, making it easier to bring out Jamal’s experiences, including his love life. Jamal’s love life played out on-screen in four brilliant seasons, but Brett is much more reluctant to share the details about his relationships or sexuality. 

Contrary to rumors, Brett Gray is not gay

Brett Gray is not gay. The rumors suggesting that he is gay stem from the star’s secrecy about his personal life. 

Gray hasn’t expressly stated his sexuality, but in one Instagram Live session, Gray talked about introducing a potential partner as his girlfriend. He said:

“If it’s date five, I am introducing you as my girlfriend. You are my significant other. If we have been on five dates over the last month and half [or] two months… date number five, I’m holding hands and saying that you are with me.”

Gray’s mention of ‘girlfriend’ while describing a potential relationship strongly suggests that he is not gay. 

Gray doesn’t understand how people view talking stages

Brett Gray

Brett Gray is yet to publicize his relationships, but he has spoken out against talking stages. He opines that talking stages are for children; adults should meet and go on dates if they are serious about commitment. 

“Talking is an excuse to not commit to someone that you like and are sexually or otherwise attracted to, and you are just postponing the time in which you have to give more effort, and that’s not okay. We are confusing the lines here people. This is not it.”

For Gray, talking doesn’t describe a relationship between two adults. Brett says it’s okay for people to have sexual relationships without dating if both parties feel comfortable with the arrangement. “That is not a mixed signal,” Gray added. 

However, Gray would love a relationship where both parties meet and decipher whether anything long-term can work. He added:

“By date four or date five, I know, not whether I’m going to marry you, but I know if we are on date four, date five, I know that I am looking for something in you that is a bit more serious. I am committing to you something that’s more than ‘talking.’ How do you text someone for three-and-a-half weeks and think you dating?”