Leon Bridges had no time to transition into fame: his debut album, Coming Home, earned him global adulation and fans like Barack Obama. “My transition was dishwasher one day and somewhat of a star [the next]. It’s so weird that this is my life now. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.” Bridges told The Guardian

Leon Bridges is not married; he is not looking for a long-term relationship

Leon Bridges is not married or dating. His busy schedule as an artist prevents him from sustaining long-term relationships. 

Bridges told CBC that during a tour, ‘he likes to know where the beautiful ladies hang out’. “Oh, definitely, all the way,” Bridges described his single status. The singer said he enjoys hookups and casual flings as he doesn’t have the time to invest in a long-term romance. “We all love it, so why not?” Bridges said. 

The Texas native found fame performing soul music reminiscent of releases from Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Wary of being pigeonholed, Bridges transitioned to modern, sexy, and bold music in his second album, Good Thing. The move polarized fans, but Bridges saw it as a necessary step in his career. He told CBC:

“I wanted it [Good Thing] to be more ambitious, sexier, a darker tone, break away from the whole retro soul man thing. Honestly, I’ve changed so much in three to four years since I’ve been doing this. I had different things to say, sonically and lyrically. I’m trying to find balance. I didn’t have the desire to stay boxed in, making ‘60s style R&B for the rest of my career.”