Brandon Aubrey is one of the stories of the 2023 NFL season. Several years ago, he worked as a software engineer. While watching a football game, his wife, Jenn Aubrey, mentioned that he could score a field goal a player had missed. Brandon agreed, and a short while later, he embarked on his journey to NFL stardom. 

Brandon Aubrey and his wife, Jenn Aubrey, married in January 2019

Brandon and Jenn Aubrey probably met at the University of Notre Dame, where she studied finance, and Brandon played football. Jenn also played Lacrosse. The couple married in January 2019. Marking their wedding anniversary, Brandon wrote on Instagram:

“Looking back on our first year of marriage, it has been by far the most challenging year of both of our lives. We have both had our ups and downs, but thankfully, we have always had each other to lean on when we couldn’t stand on our own. I can’t wait to see what challenges life throws at us next as we grow old together! Happy anniversary Jenn!!!”

Jenn is the reason why Brandon decided to try football. She is often in the stands supporting her husband. In December 2019, Brandon posted images of Jenn recovering after surgery. He didn’t specify her affliction but wrote that she struggled with mental and emotional pain for a couple of months. Brandon added that the surgery was successful. He wrote:

“I’m delighted to say Jenn’s operation this past Friday was a success. While it hasn’t been smiles the whole journey.. We are all smiling today. We may be able to finally put this chapter behind us as Jenn is finally home and starting the road to recovery.”

Jenn is back on her feet and working as a pilot and aircraft dispatcher. A fairly recluse figure, she has her Instagram set to private.