Dr. Now has helped many obese patients lose weight on TLC’s My 600 Lb Life. We see Bianca Hayes approach the doctor in season 10 of the series. Bianca’s is a relapse story: She had successful gastric bypass surgery, but pregnancy and emotional turmoil brought back unhealthy eating habits. 

Bianca sees food as her comfort: she eats to deal with issues in life. Hayes dealt with an emotionally unavailable mother by gouging on sodas and junk food. She learned at an early age to view food as a solution, an issue that plagues her to this day. Thankfully, Dr. Now recognized the root of her weight gain and recommended therapy, which seemed to help Bianca a lot. 

Bianca moved to Houston to focus on her weight loss goals

Bianca Hayes

Bianca Hayes’s journey to a healthy weight faced several roadblocks, including the scar tissue from her previous surgery. She could still get help through partial gastric bypass, but she would put back the weight without solving her emotional issues.

“If any patient looking for a weight loss surgery has had previous surgery and has failed, in those situations, the chances of success are less than 1%,” Dr. Now said.

The surgery takes away the physical urge to eat, but the doctor explained that surgery is a waste of time if an emotional issue drives the desire to eat. Dr. Now’s solution was for Bianca to combine surgery and therapy. Therapy would deal with the emotional side of Bianca’s food obsession. Hayes said:

“I want to change. I have to change. But it’s hard for me to stop eating, because the role of food in my life right now is a comforter. When I have a let down, I go to food. I feel like it cures all, it helps me emotionally and I don’t know how to stop myself.”

Bianca showed how mentally strong she’d gotten when she broke up with Romonte Phillips. Therapy-less Bianca would have resorted to food to deal with the stress of the breakup. However, the new Bianca kept her head down and focused on her move to Houston.

The weighing scale showed that she lost 1 lb during that period. Bianca would probably have gained weight were it not for therapy. Bianca responded by showing up the next time 49 lb lighter.

The update segment showed that Bianca had lost another 48 lbs following the surgery. She’d secured a job in Houston and signed up for a water aerobics class. 

Via her Facebook page, Bianca teased that she’s lost a lot of weight. She posted face photos that hinted at significant weight loss. She attached the following caption:

“Sneak peek… on the left is how I started and on the right is how it’s going. My present doesn’t dictate my future. Full body photos coming the first of the year be on the look out.”

Bianca’s motivation to lose weight was to be a better mother

Bianca Hayes and her children

Bianca didn’t have a parental role model to look up to when she was growing up. She was raised by an alcoholic mom, who partially contributed to her addiction to food. 

Hayes’ life gained some stability when her mom married. However, Bianca’s step-dad shared her mom’s drinking habits, making him emotionally unavailable. It got worse for Bianca when her mom, step-dad, and biological father passed away within a few years. 

Bianca didn’t want her kids to grow up without parental love and guidance. Unfortunately, her weight hindered her ability to raise her children. “You have to be active to take care of the kids. But I can’t do that now,” she said. Hayes added:

“It’s hard for me, because my kids don’t deserve that. My son didn’t sign up to have a mom like me. You know, yes I provide for him, yes I’m a good mom to him, but he didn’t sign up to have an obese mom. My daughter didn’t either, and she’s not old enough to understand but she is.”

Bianca’s ex, Romonte Philips, did most of the parenting and work around the house. Bianca resolved to change that by losing weight. 

Hayes’s Facebook posts suggest that she’s kept off the weight she lost and is losing more weight. The weight loss has undoubtedly helped her family situation.