Pat is a social media star who became famous for posting gaming content on YouTube. He specializes in Minecraft, and his main channel has 17 million subscribers. Pat also has another channel titled Pat & Friends with 658K followers. Pat’s content involves collaborations with his friends, and he recently started collaborating with Eleni.

Eleni also has a YouTube channel with 39.7K subscribers. The first video she posted was a Q&A with Pat. Ever since the pair started collaborating, there have been rumors that they are dating. This piece will reveal whether Pat and Eleni are dating.

The pair hasn’t announced a relationship on social media

Eleni and Pat look like they are in a relationship, but they haven’t announced it. The pair met in August 2019, and from what we can tell, they are just friends.

The content on Pat’s channels has titles such as I asked her to marry me, and WE HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!. However, these have turned out to be clickbait titles. Pat revealed in a video titled I’m so upset that he won’t be telling his relationship status any time soon. He said:

“We have not announced anything. You guys have no idea who I am dating. I’m not even gonna be saying it any time soon. Whether it’s Eleni or whether it is somebody else. This is not the time for it.”

Eleni has received a lot of hate after she started collaborating with Pat

Eleni hasn’t had it easy since she started collaborating with Pat. She has been hated on a lot, and Pat has repeatedly called on his fans to stop being hateful.

Pat’s ex, Jen, recently appeared on Pat’s channel and called on fans to stop attacking Eleni. Jen and Pat collaborated a lot on the channel before they broke up. Pat posted the following description on a video he posted in late March:

“Please stop sending rude messages to Eleni. She is an amazing person and has used her own free time to come here and entertain you. She deserves all the love and support in the world.”