Anthony Padilla and Mykie form one of the hottest YouTube couples out there. Padilla is the co-founder of the YouTube channel Smosh, while Mykie runs the YouTube channel Glam and Gore. Padilla has been creating content since 2005, and he is quite popular on the internet. His channel mainly has challenge and comedy videos.

Mykie’s channel is all about make-up. She joined YouTube later than Padilla, but she is now one of the top makeup artists on the internet. Padilla and Mykie have a combined following of more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube. This piece will provide details about the couple’s relationship.

Padilla and Mykie announced their secret relationship in December 2019

Anthony Padilla and Mykie

Fans were already speculating about a relationship between Padilla and Mykie before they announced it via Instagram on 13th December 2019. Anthony uploaded romantic photos of the couple and added a caption that displayed his love for Mykie. The lengthy caption stated that the couple had been dating for a while, and they were struggling to keep their relationship private. He wrote:

“@mykie is the most wonderful human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I’m fortunate enough to call her my girlfriend – and beyond that, a partner and true teammate in life. Her charisma and the warmth she radiates and her sheer talent and creative drive. Holyshit. I finally get to introduce you to my favorite person on this entire planet.”

Padilla helped Mykie through a dark time in her life

Anthony Padilla and Mykie

Mykie also put up a post of her own on Instagram in which she opened up about how special Anthony is to her. She also talked about how Anthony helped her get through a dark time in her life. She wrote:

“I mean, I could practically write an entire book just on how he saved me from one of the darkest times of my life – but a caption had me stumped… It’s a shame you may never feel the kindness and comfort he makes everyone feel after a minute long conversation… It’s his commitment to always being open minded, communicative, and vulnerable that makes him consistently the most wonderful person I’ve ever gotten the pleasure to know…”