Angus Cloud had no acting experience when he was cast as Fezco in the HBO hit Euphoria. Fezco is a drug dealer with a heart of gold who takes care of Rue (Zendaya) after overdosing on fentanyl. He is an unconventional dealer who actually cares about his clients. 

Fezco wasn’t supposed to survive season 1. However, he made it through and has a more significant part in season 2. “You see a bit of his innocence and you see that he’s kind of been forced into this life,” Cloud told GQ.

Cloud’s appearance has contributed to his popularity with fans: he resembles late rapper Mac Miller and has an unexplained scar on his head. 

Angus probably got the scar in a skateboarding accident

Angus Cloud has a line-shaped scar on the right side of his head. Cloud hasn’t spoken about the scar, but one Redditor claims Angus got it in a skateboarding accident. 

“From what I could find, it possibly happened around Dec 2013,” the Redditor writes. “From the pic I saw, he looked pretty banged up (head bandage, arm casts, etc). Since he skateboards, my guess is he got hit by a car or ate it on some stairs. But like I said, nothings confirmed.”

We can’t be certain about the scar’s origins until Angus opens up about it.

The scar has been incorporated into Fezco’s storyline in Euphoria season 2

Cloud’s scar forms part of Fezco’s storyline in Euphoria season 2. 

Fezco came from an unstable background, prompting his drug-dealing grandmother to take care of him. He eventually became his grandmother’s assistant and business partner. 

Fezco’s grandmother was a tough dealer, who didn’t mind taking on thieves and rivals. One day, she attacked three men with a crowbar, claiming they’d stolen her money. 

Concerned for the men, Fezco tried to intervene. Unfortunately, he crashed head-on into his grandma’s swinging crowbar. 

It’s unconfirmed, but fans speculate that the series has incorporated Cloud’s scar into Fezco’s narrative.