Amy McGrath is an American politician who is currently vying for Senator of Kentucky on the Democratic Party ticket. McGrath has a mammoth task ahead of her as she is coming up against long-serving incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell. Amy’s failed at her first attempt at an electoral seat after losing the 2018 election for Kentucky’s 6th congressional district.

McGrath announced her campaign for Kentucky’s Senate seat in July 2019. She narrowly defeated state representative Charles Booker in the Democratic primaries to earn the party ticket.

This piece will look at Amy McGrath’s husband and children. We can confirm that Amy is married.

Amy’s husband is a Republican meaning he did not vote for Amy during the Democratic primaries

Erik Henderson And Amy McGrath

Amy and her husband, Erik Henderson, got married on 19th December 2009. Henderson served as a helicopter pilot for the U.S. navy. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was stationed in Hawaii from 1999 to 2003. He then relocated to bases in Texas and Louisiana before moving to Washington D.C. to serve as an Assistant Operations Officer at Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility.

Henderson retired from the force and is currently looking to move into the business sector. Amy and her husband have divergent political views as he is a Republican and she is a Democrat. Kentucky’s strict partisan rules mean that a registered member of one political party can’t vote in the primaries for another party.

Erik didn’t vote for Amy in the party primaries, but he served as the treasurer in her campaign team. Amy and Erik thrive as a couple despite having divergent political views, and Amy hopes that people in America can have harmonious relationships despite their political inclinations. McGrath told the State Journal that one of the reasons why she ran for office was to help bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans:

“I think it was the combination of the 2016 election cycle, the fake news, the divisiveness, the labeling of each other. My husband’s a lifelong Republican. I’m a Democrat. That’s America. And I was so saddened to see the country so divided. I just felt like we need better leaders, because it does start at the top.”

Amy and Erik raise their three children, Teddy, George, and Eleanor, in Kentucky

Amy McGrath, husband and children

Amy and Erik welcomed their three children, Teddy, George, and Eleanor, when the couple lived in Washington. The couple moved to Kentucky after they retired from their jobs in the military because Amy wanted her kids to grow up in the state where she grew up. The family currently lives in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Amy, Erik, and the kids form a tight-knit unit. McGrath uses a photo of her family having a good time as her header on Facebook and Twitter.