Sepp Straka boosted his Ryder Cup hopes by winning the John Deere Classic. The Austrian rallied from four strokes down to win by two strokes. Straka came mighty close to registering the first sub-60 round on the PGA Tour since 2020. “The 59 was nowhere in my head really,” Straka said. “I knew I had a chance but in that situation the only thing that matters is trying to win the golf tournament.”

Sepp Straka married Paige Dean in September 2021 in Shoal Creek, Alabama

Sepp Straka and Paige Dean married on 27th September 2021. “I am so thankful to have found you to spend my life with and you are a blessing to all who know you,” Straka wrote on Instagram in late September 2022, wishing Paige a happy birthday. 

Sepp Straka and Paige Dean
Sepp Straka/Instagram

Paige was born in Sulligent, Alabama, and grew up alongside three siblings: Myers, Lindy, and Laura. Her father, David Dean, is a correctional officer, and her mom, Kathy, is a retired counselor. Paige graduated from Auburn University with a degree in accounting before earning her Master’s in the same subject from Harbert College of Business. 

Paige told that she’d hoped to meet and marry an Auburn man who supported the Auburn Tigers. Straka differed from the man she’d prayed for chiefly because he supported UGA, Auburn’s rival. The couple met in an Auburn bar during a game between Auburn and UGA. Paige said:

“We antagonized each other that entire first night – and the night after. Is it weird that I liked the banter back and forth? Honestly, I think that’s what sparked the connection – that and some encouragement from great friends. Before we knew it, we were meeting each other’s families at Christmas!”

Paige said she thought Straka would propose during a December 2020 vacation in Mexico. The proposal didn’t come, so Paige let her guard down. Paige stated that Straka asked her to marry him on a typical Friday at Gianmarco’s Wine Bar. Paige said:

“He says ‘just get over here…’ and that was the first time I thought, ‘Hmmmm.’ I walk over, and he grabs both my hands in his – shaking a little, and he gets down on one knee. ‘This has been a long time coming, Paige. Will you marry me?’ I still get teary-eyed.”

Unbeknownst to Paige, the couple’s friends and family knew about the proposal. Straka had rented out the eatery for loved ones to celebrate the milestone. “The private party after dinner was for us!!” Paige said. “The entire Gianmarco’s staff was in on it, and we even have a super special video of the proposal. Our family and friends enjoyed a meal together and we got to bask in all the love and excitement.”