American Skin is a film by Nate Parker that premiered at the Venice Film Festival in early September 2019. It was released by Vertical Entertainment on 15th January 2015. In the film, Nate stars as Lincoln Jefferson, a U.S. Marine veteran currently working as a janitor at a junior high school.

Following his divorce, he commits to finding his son KJ a spot at a good school. Unfortunately, an innocent KJ is fatally shot during an altercation with the police. Lincoln believes that the cop will be charged for his son’s murder, but the cop goes free after the trial. An irate Lincoln resolves to take matters into his own hands. American Skin has received polarizing reviews, especially due to the rape allegations leveled against the filmmaker, but it is a good film to watch in our current times.

Is American Skin on Netflix?

Unfortunately, American Skin is not on Netflix. However, we are not ruling out the film appearing on the streaming platform sometime later. We will keep you updated on developments.

Where is American Skin available for streaming?

American Skin is not available for streaming on any platform. It is not available on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

On the day of its release, American Skin also premiered on VOD and Digital platforms. You can buy or rent the film on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and FandangoNow.

Similar films on Netflix

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