Salice Rose is an American social media star who gained fame for posting pictures and videos on Instagram. Rose joined Instagram in August 2013, and at first, she attracted people with her beauty. It wasn’t until she created her YouTube channel in March 2014 that people realized that she had the personality to match her looks.

Rose drew people in with her down to earth vibe and bubbly personality. So far, her self-titled YouTube channel has 2.15 million followers. Salice has experienced success on every social media platform she has tried. The skilled dancer currently has 16.6 million followers on TikTok and 11.7 million followers on Instagram.

This piece will look at Salice’s sexuality, her relationships, her struggle with suicidal thoughts, and her recent breast augmentation surgery.

Salice came out as a lesbian when she was 16 years old, but 10 years later she realized that she was bisexual

Salice Rose

Salice Rose was born on 20th November 1994 in California. She is of Peruvian descent, and she grew up alongside two brothers and a sister named Ashley.

Rose never felt the need to hide who she was from her friends and family. At age 16, she came out as a lesbian, and everybody around her accepted her authenticity. She dated women exclusively, but several years down the line, she started to question whether the lesbian label represented her true self. Before making any announcements, Salice asked her friends and family how they would respond if she came out as bi. She revealed in a video titled Bisexual is Beautiful that she did not get positive responses:

“I dated some girls this past year and they could tell you. I asked them like, ‘Yo, what would you do if I was bi?’ And they would be like, ‘That would be freaking weird,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah?’ I even asked my family, and they were like, ‘I couldn’t see you as that.’ I wasn’t confused, I was just in denial in a sense. And I was just asking because I needed their validation in that moment.”

Salice wanted someone to wrap an arm around her and tell her that she would be okay no matter her sexual orientation. However, no one gave her the validation she wanted. Despite the lack of support, Salice couldn’t deny who she was. She realized that the only validation she needed was from herself.

In her coming out video, she stated that her biggest sin was not coming out sooner. She acknowledged that she would receive hate for ‘changing’ her sexuality, but she needed to embrace her authentic self. “What’s crazy to me is that everyone can tell you all day every day, ‘Hey, be yourself. Love yourself,’” she said. “And whenever you do it, they are like, ‘But not like that. Not like that, don’t do it like that.’ People want to tell you how to be yourself.’

Salice ex claimed that Salice was abusive shortly after she announced her relationship with Brilynn

Brilynn and Salice Rose

In mid-2019, Salice did the unexpected and announced her partner on social media. She began the video by confessing how nervous she was about posting her girlfriend on the internet. “This is a very, very big step of me to do, but I feel like you guys deserve that part of me,” she said.

After reassuring her fans that she loves them, Brilynn came into shot. She lamented that Salice is ‘so anti-dating’ and that she wasn’t sure whether she was in a relationship with Rose. The couple revealed that they’d known each other for three years before things got romantic. After Salice left the room, Brilynn told the camera: “Now that she’s gone, I can tell you guys that we’re actually dating. She’s just in denial.” Brilynn didn’t know that Salice could hear and was startled when Rose shouted, “That is not a fact.”

Two weeks after the dating announcement, Rose’s ex, Chas, created a YouTube channel dedicated to outing Salice for being an abusive partner. Chas claimed that Rose abused her verbally and emotionally during their relationship. She claimed that it was hard to watch Salice introduce her new girlfriends as a couple of weeks before, she and Salice had talked about marriage.

“A message to my ex: I hope lying on my name all over social media made you happy,” Rose tweeted. “I hope you got all the fame you wanted. Because of YOU, I’m in waves of depression. You spoke, my turn.” Salice refuted every allegation made by Chas, including the claim that Salice made Chas quit her jobs because she wanted her close all the time.

In the end, most fans were convinced that Chas’s allegations had little truth behind them. Salice and Brilynn continued dating in secret until their relationship ended sometime in 2020. Rose stated in a video titled THE TRUTH on what really happened that there is no bad blood between her and Brilynn and that she is happy being single:

“That ended a couple of months ago actually. I didn’t want to talk about it, I still don’t. I just think that breakups or things that happen with friendships, whatever the case may be, should just stay off social media. You guys should handle it peacefully… Things just happen, life happens, and people just breakup… Currently I am single. It’s cool, it’s nice. I am not ready to be with anyone.”

Salice grappled with suicidal thoughts in 2019, but she found strength in her loyal following

Salice Rose

In September 2019, Salice posted an emotional video in which she revealed that 2019 got so tough, that she considered ending her life. She didn’t elaborate on what had driven her to that decision, but this statement summarized it all, “As good as I am of a person, why do I go through the most shit?”

Suicide wasn’t Salice’s first resort. She’d tried to seek help from her loved ones, but she didn’t get the support she craved. One night, she got out to go to church knowing full well that church was closed at that time. The streets were mostly empty, and for a brief moment, she thought about closing her eyes and letting go. She explained:

“I was going through this wave of depression and after weeks went by, I suddenly lost my mind in a sense. I grabbed my car keys and then I went for a drive… I turned up the music so I wouldn’t hear anything happen… I was ready.”

Rose was ready to let go, but she held back because she remembered the love she has for her fans and the love they show back to her. Salice’s fans pulled her out of the abyss without realizing it. “I just want you guys to know, without you guys realizing it, without you guys even knowing about that night, you guys saved my life,” Salice stated. “The thought of you guys, I was like, ‘Stop!’”

Salice is in a much better place than she was on that night in 2019. She regained her strength and is adamant that she will never go back to that mental state. “I’m ok now,” she said. “God is great. I will never get to that point again.”

Salice underwent breast augmentation surgery because she’s always wanted bigger breasts

Salice Rose

Salice has rarely struggled with body positivity issues, but she has always wanted bigger breasts. In 2020, she finally saw a specialist and got her boobs done. Some fans were surprised that she needed surgery because she always appeared to have an ample bosom. However, push-up bras made it seem like she had big boobs, but in reality, she didn’t. Salice explained in her plastic surgery Q&A:

“I decided this because my whole life, literally like, believe it or not, I have always wanted to have boobs. People are like, ‘I thought you had boobs?’ No, I have always had like a push up bra from Victoria’s Secret, like the double cup push up. Whatever little I had, it pushed it up. That’s why it seemed like I had boobs, even though I was probably in the itty bitty titty committee.”

Rose has no regrets about having her surgery, and even though the recovery was tough, she believes that she’s made the right choice.