Polo Boy (real name Marco Borghi) is an American content creator known for his ‘Simp Nation’ videos on TikTok. Marco launched his account in September 2019, and has so far accrued over 4.5 million followers on the platform.

A ‘Simp’ is a word used to described a personal who does nice things for a girl, expecting romance or sexual gratification in return. ‘Simp Nation’ videos have made Polo famous, but they have also led to calls for his cancellation. He has been accused of degrading and making negative comments about women.

Polo’s baby mama Arielle Rodriguez claims that he abandoned her two months before she was due to give birth to their baby

Per Arielle Rodriguez, she started her relationship with Polo in 2017. The couple broke up in 2020, and Ariel claims that he bailed on her two months before her due date.

According to screenshots she posted on her Instagram Stories, Polo seemed excited at the prospect of raising a child with Arielle. The alleged text from Polo reads:

“I want to be a good dad and be on good terms with you so we can raise our child to be the best it can be. I’m excited to see it from the first time and hold it in my arms. I’m excited to teach it and watch it learn. I’m excited for the moments I’ll be able to have with it. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, and I’m determined to show the best of me with this baby.”

According to the last photo posted on her stories, Polo reneged on his promise to raise the child two months before her due date. “I don’t support creating the impression that you will play an active part only to flake 2 months prior – I view that as immature and cruel,” she said.

In response to an Instagram user who asked where Arielle’s baby is, Arielle stated that she considers herself a single mother. “I shouldn’t be bashed for being the parent who stayed,” she wrote. “I’m a single mom, yes, and I’m okay with that.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Polo has asked for privacy. “Please don’t bash her or the baby,” Polo captioned a recent TikTok post. “I ask for a crumb of privacy please.”


Ahhh now you know. Please don’t bash her or the baby. I ask for a crumb of privacy please 🤲🏻🗿

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Polo denied being abusive and using racist language in the texts he allegedly sent to Arielle

In the myriad of screenshots shared by Arielle to prove that she was in a relationship with Polo were texts that appeared to show an abusive and racist side to the influencer.

Polo denied via TikTok that the screenshots with abusive or racist language involved him. “To be more clear, the screenshots saying ‘killem,’ ‘If you want like I can punch you real hard’ and making use of the n-word are NOT me.”

Polo also stated that the solution is not as easy as ‘go take care of your kid.’ “Unfortunately, it’s not that simple,” Polo replied to a user’s comment.