Aya, popularly known by her TikTok handle aaayyyaaaa_, is a TikTok star famous for posting dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok. Her initial videos on the platform were comedic and mostly involved parodies of members of her family. As her following grew, she diversified into POV and lip-syncing videos.

You will also find short vlogs posted on the channel. Aya gained a large chunk of her following during the quarantine period. She gained over 3 million followers in just over six months, and her following currently stands at 4.3 million.

This piece will look at Aya’s controversial age and her plans after graduation.

Aya’s age has become a source of debate with many fans believing that she is older than 13

Aya was born on 24th April 2007 in the United States. Little is known about her upbringing and family. Aya and fellow content creator Derek Trendz refer to each other as brother and sister, but they are not biologically related.

The comments on most of Aya’s posts revolve around her age. Most users refuse to believe that Aya is 13 and set to turn 14 in April 2021. Aya is unaffected by the speculation, as she revealed in a December Q&A with Derek that she doesn’t read comments under her posts.

Aya plans to go to college, but doesn’t want to work for money

Aya has some way to go before graduation, but she revealed that she plans to go to college. Derek contested her assertion, but Aya insisted that she will go to college. She humorously said that she wants to earn money, but she doesn’t want to work for it. “I don’t want to work, but make money,” Aya said. “That makes no sense,” Derek rebutted.

For now, social media feels like a full-time job for Aya. She is doing quite well, but she insists that she doesn’t make as much money as people think she does. In the December Q&A, Aya described her social media fame as crazy: “It’s just crazy because the people I used to dream about being friends with are my friends now.”