Theodore ‘Ted’ Barrett comes up every once in a while as his White House press conference from 2009 resurfaces and goes viral. Acting as the Deputy White House Secretary, Theodore stands before the press and apologizes for his tardiness, blaming it on the recent death of his wife, Janie Barrett. 

Theodore Barrett’s wife, Janie Barrett, is fictional, and Theodore never served in the White House

Brushing aside the death of his wife, Theodore says he needs to focus on White House issues. As the concerned press asks him questions about Janie, he becomes increasingly agitated, insisting that the reporters focus on official matters. 

“Believe me, there’s nothing I’d like more than to drop down behind this podium and weep, but I can’t do this. Why? Because I am a grown man and I’ve got a job to do and so do you,” Theodore says. He casually adds that the accident that killed Janie put his son in a coma and paralyzed her daughter. 

The entire Barrett family—Theodore, Janie, and their two children—is fictional. The video was made by the satirical outlet The Onion, whose logo is featured at the bottom right side of the clip. Furthermore, no one named Theodore Barrett has ever worked in the White House as Deputy Press Secretary.