Adina Azarian, the adopted daughter of millionaire businesspeople John and Barbara Rumpel, died in a plane crash in Virginia. The plane was supposed to land at Long Island’s MacArthur Airport. However, it changed course after reaching the New York area, turning toward Virginia. It crashed in Virginia after plummeting at 30,000 feet per minute. 

Adina Azarian was committed to raising her child, Aria, as a single mother

Adina Azarian wasn’t married or looking to get married any time soon. She was committed to raising her daughter, Aria, who also died in the crash, as a single mother.  

“It would be fitting that they [Adina and Aria] are together,” Tara Brivic-Looper, Adina’s long-time pal, told The New York Post. “I don’t think they ever weren’t together, so if Adina was going anywhere, Aria was always with her.” Tara stated that Adina never let Aria’s side because she’d struggled so much to conceive. 

Adina welcomed Aria on 28th September 2020, following three years of ‘fertility treatments, IUI, IVF, multiple miscarriages, failed embryo transfers and more’, she wrote on Facebook. The late real estate broker said she was sharing her story to encourage and inspire women experiencing fertility struggles. Adina wrote:

“Sometimes life takes you places where you didn’t imagine it at first but where there is faith, where there is courage, where there is God, there is also hope. And that incredible love you seek is there for you. And with that, be strong, be brave and remember miracles do happen. I am holding one right now.”

Tara said she was proud of Adina for refusing to give up, despite multiple setbacks. Judy Sahagian, another friend, told The New York Post that after achieving career success, Adina wanted a family. Judy explained:

“We work hard in our lives, and — especially us women — we become accomplished, and you’re in the papers, and you’re all over, everywhere, and what’s the next thing to look forward to? What’s the best legacy in life that you can leave? A family. And that went with her. And that is so tragic. And her daughter dying with her. And all the trouble she went through to have a daughter.’

John and Barbara Rumpel lost a daughter and a granddaughter. “I never met a sweeter person than Adina,” John Rumpel told CBS News. “This is the second daughter I have lost, and she was the most wonderful human being I have ever met. We adopted her a few years back.”