Dominic Fike is an American singer and songwriter who rose to fame by releasing songs via SoundCloud. His first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, was an overwhelming success and convinced Columbia Records to sign the Florida native. His single 3 Nights ranked in the top ten in many countries.

Fike’s popularity rose exponentially after landing collaborations with the band Brockhampton and singer Halsey. In July 2020, Dominic released the single Politics & Violence before releasing his debut album What Could Possibly Go Wrong. Fike’s cover of Paul McCartney’s The Kiss of Venus will feature on the album McCartney III Imagined.

Dominic Fike’s sexuality is unclear, but a recent production featuring Lil Nas X suggests that he is not straight. Read on to find out more about Dominic Fike’s sexuality.

Dominic passionately makes out with Lil Nas X in Brockhampton’s single Count On Me

The hype around Lis Nas’s Montero has barely died down, and he’s back on the trending page again, this time alongside Dominic Fike. The pair star in Brockhampton’s video for the single Count on Me

The video starts with the pair chatting while riding in a convertible. “Old bands, like, really old bands, you probably wouldn’t know any of them,” Dominic replies to Lil Nas’s question regarding Dominic’s musical preferences. “Radiohead,” Fike ultimately offers. 

“Who the fuck is Radiohead,” Nas replies amid laughs. As the song starts, Dominic and Lil Nas embark on a drug-addled trip filled with dancing, animations, hallucinations, and passionate making out. The pair make out on the shore of a river, inside the river, and as they morph into animation, their nude bodies stretch and intertwine. 

Fike announced his relationship with Booksmart star Diana Silvers in August 2020

Dominic announced his relationship with Diana Silvers via a cute Instagram video posted in August 2020 featuring the couple lying in bed.

The fact that Fike is in a relationship with a woman and is passionately kissing a man in a music video has cast doubt on Dominic’s sexuality. For purposes of art and expression, performers do adopt personas that don’t represent who they are in real life. It might be the case for Fike, or he might be bisexual.

We can only conclude Dominic’s sexuality after he confirms it. For now, we are just as confused as you are.