It’s time for Christmas movies again, and in 2021, we have a new entry: 8-Bit Christmas. The film is based on Kevin Jakubowski’s 2013 novel of the same name. Adult Jake Doyle (Neil Patrick Harris) narrates the film as he equates his daughter’s Christmas desire for a smartphone to his 1980s quest for the hottest gaming device of the era, a Nintendo Entertainment System. 

In most Christmas stories, you’d expect young Jake (Winslow Fegley) to get his beloved Nintendo. However, in 8-Bit Christmas, young Jake gets a treehouse built by his father, John. The film emphasizes that Christmas is really about the love of family rather than the gifts we open. 

Is 8-Bit Christmas available on Netflix?

8-bit Christmas is not available on Netflix and won’t come to Netflix. The film is a Warner Bros. production distributed by HBO Max. 

Considering the rivalry between HBO Max and Netflix, it is unlikely that HBO will hand the film’s rights to Netflix.

Where is 8-Bit Christmas available for streaming?

8-Bit Christmas is available for streaming on HBO Max.