According to Tyler Perry, who is the writer, producer, director, and star of A Medea Family Funeral, this movie is the last installment of the Madea film series. This series features the character of Mabel “Madea” Simmons, a tough, elderly black woman created and portrayed by Tyler Perry.

A Medea Family Funeral arrived in theaters on March 1, 2019, and it is being distributed by Lionsgate. In this movie, Madea and her clan go to Georgia for an anniversary party for her brother, Anthony, played by Derek Morgan, and his wife, Vivian, played by Jen Harper. While they are staying at the hotel, they discover that Anthony is staying there also because he is cheating on his wife. They find this out when he dies of a heart attack at the hotel.

There have been 11 plays featuring the character of Madea, and Madea Family Funeral is the 11th film in which she has appeared. There is even an animated film, Madea’s Tough Love. Madea has made guest appearances on the television shows, House of Payne and Love Thy Neighbor and is an unseen character in Meet the Browns. In 2006, Tyler Perry wrote a book in her persona, titled Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings.

Madea was brought up in poverty and lived a tough life. She has a criminal background that goes back to when she was 9 years old. It stands to reason that she has a hard and violent side. She also has a soft side, however, which is loving and nurturing. She often gives advice and direction to those that she cares about.

A Madea Family Funeral has done extremely well at the box office so far, making $27.1 million at its debut. Despite this, it has received a very poor critical response. The aggregate score of this film on Rotten Tomatoes is only 17%.

Will A Madea Family Funeral Come to Netflix?

Sadly, it is unlikely that A Madea Family Funeral will come to Netflix at any time in the foreseeable future.

Madea Family Funeral is being distributed by Lionsgate, and there are many Lionsgate movies and televisions shows that do come to Netflix. Despite this, it does not look like Madea Family Funeral will be one of them. None of the other Madea films are on Netflix. Instead, they are on Hulu. Many of the films are a part of the regular subscription plan, but some of them require a Showtime add-on. It is likely that Madea Family Funeral will follow this pattern and go to Hulu or Showtime as well.

There are some other shows on Netflix right now that may be of interest, though. A couple of them are:

  • Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History – a Netflix comedy film about the contributions of unsung heroes of black history portrayed in a humorous way.
  • A Weekend with the Family – a movie about the adventures of a young lawyer who is trying to date his boss’s daughter when she invites him and his uncouth family over for the weekend.

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