The suicide death of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss has left fans wondering why a man who seemed so happy days before the tragic incident took his life. Boss’s wife, Allison Holker, told the police that she was worried about Boss after he left their home without his car. 

Reports state that tWitch checked into a motel a short walk from his home carrying a small bag. After he missed checkout the following day, motel employees discovered him dead in the bathroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Boss ended his life days after celebrating his and Allison’s 9th anniversary. 

tWitch didn’t commit suicide due to financial struggles

At the time of writing, it’s unclear why tWitch committed suicide. Nothing on his socials or in interviews suggests the beloved dancer and DJ was struggling. 

A false theory on social media claims tWitch killed himself because of financial struggles. A video posted by actor Columbus Short fueled the false narrative. 

Short and others suggested that tWitch invested heavily in cryptocurrency and lost big due to the currency’s value drop. TMZ reports that the claim is false: the outlet quoted sources who debunked the false reports. 

In the aftermath of Boss’s death, Tyler Perry revealed he tried to commit suicide

In the aftermath of Boss’s passing, Tyler Perry posted an Instagram video detailing his experiences with attempted suicide. “I’ve only met him [tWitch] a couple of times,” Perry said. “He was always full of life, it seemed like, such a light.”

Perry revealed he attempted suicide twice during ‘dark’ times in his life. “I had endured so much pain, so much abuse, sexual abuse, it was all so hard to just move through that I thought the only way to make this better was to end my life,” Tyler said. 

The actor said he would have lost the best part of his life had he succeeded. Perry urged anyone struggling to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Tyler said:

“I am a living witness you can make it through. I’m so glad my attempts didn’t work. I’m still alive. The best part of my life, and I would’ve missed it had I decided to end it. Well I did, but it didn’t work.”

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