Paramount has made us wait for so very long, but we finally have the first episode of Yellowstone season four. Season 3 ended in a massive cliffhanger as the Duttons came under attack. In the first effort of season 4, we see the Duttons struggle to reestablish control. 

The episode ends with a title card paying tribute to Allan Robert Murray and Milt Bradford. Allan Murray is a sound editor who worked with Yellowstone in the first season. He has an impressive and extensive resume, including work on American Sniper, Million Dollar Baby, and Joker.

This piece will look at the lesser-known Milt Bradford. 

Milt was a Texas native who helped Taylor Sheridan create Yellowstone

Milt Bradford was born in April 1950 in Lufkin, Texas, to Milton and Betty Bradford. He discovered his love for ranching via his father. 

Bradford eventually formed a successful horse auction company that collaborated with various ranches in Texas. Four years into his retirement, he formed a real estate company, where he worked till his passing. 

Milt reportedly shared a close relationship with Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan. Using his extensive knowledge of ranching, Milt helped Sheridan add realism to Dutton Ranch. 

Milt Bradford passed away in May 2021.