We all have our unique preferences when it comes to television and film. However, most of us seem to share a common love for documentaries. Where’s My Roy Cohn? is a newly released documentary that we will all love, especially because it touches on the controversial US President, Donald Trump.

The documentary focuses on the life of the lawyer, Roy Cohn. Roy was a brilliant lawyer, who graduated from Law School at the age of 20. He came under the public limelight when he pushed for the death penalty for Ethel and Julian Rosenberg, and later appeared as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s counsel at the Senate subcommittee hearings.

His ruthless nature and an unquenchable desire to emerge victorious in all his battles made him one of the top lawyers in New York City. This made Cohn a popular figure among the rich and powerful in New York and Washington. Also, Cohn’s association with drug dealers and cartels made him a powerful figure.

Cohn was a closet gay, and he died of AIDS in 1985. The documentary uses footage of his life and revelations from his friends and family to tell Cohn’s story. It gives insights as to the incredible lengths that Cohn would go through to maintain his interests.

Where’s My Roy Cohn? is a revelation that shouldn’t pass you by. You will be astonished as to how this brilliant lawyer ambitiously and ruthlessly went about business.

Will Where’s My Roy Cohn? be coming to Netflix.

Fans will be happy to know that it is very likely that Where’s My Roy Cohn? will eventually come to Netflix. The documentary was produced by Altimeter Films. The production company has a good relationship with Netflix, and so we can expect this Where’s My Roy Cohn? to eventually appear on Netflix.

It usually takes a couple of months for such films to feature on Netflix. Fans should expect Where’s my Roy Cohn? to appear on Netflix at around late November and early December.

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