Tia Hernlen was only five years old when her parents were killed inside their home. Hernlen, who woke up after hearing a gunshot, called 911 and calmly detailed the situation to the operator. Julie, the girl’s mom, died at the scene; Aeneas, her dad, was rushed to hospital, where he died the following day. 

Tia Hernlen lives a secretive life; she changed her name in 2018

After her parents’ unfortunate murder, Hernlen moved to Central Florida to live with her extended family, most of whom blamed the system for failing to protect the Hernlen family. The community rallied around the little girl, creating a trust fund for financial support. 

Hernlen, who’s now in her early 20s, lives a secretive life. As a minor, information about her was protected by law. After turning 18, Hernlen applied for a name change at the Orange County Circuit Courthouse in Orange, Florida. The name change guaranteed that she would live in privacy.