Caliphate is a new Netflix series that touches on terrorism and radicalization. The Swedish series was created by Wilhelm Behrman and Nikolas Rockstrom. The idea came to Wilhelm after he saw a headline that said that three British girls had run away from home to join ISIS. Wilhelm told Variety:

“I was so upset about it, maybe because I have a daughter the exact same age so I realized I had to write something about it. And Nikolas agreed so we created ‘Caliphate.’”

The series originally premiered in Sweden on 12th January 2020, before it was picked up by Netflix in March. Caliphate has been received well so far, and you might be wondering when season 2 will arrive. This piece will provide all the details about Caliphate season 2.

When will Netflix release Caliphate season 2?

Netflix tends to maintain a pattern with its shows, and we predict that Caliphate season 2 will premiere in March 2021. Given the success of the series, we suspect that Netflix will be keen to get another season out there.

A potential hindrance to an early release date is that the show’s creator Wilhelm Behrman is currently working on other shows. He talked to Variety about his current projects:

“A family drama/murder history and a miniseries about a real Swedish national trauma. But most of all we all long to write a rom-com”.

What happened in Caliphate season 1?

Caliphate is a thriller series that built up to a terror attack in Sweden. A Swedish intelligence agent named Fatima learned of the impending terror attack and convinced one of the ladies involved in the plot to find out more about the attack in return for safe passage out of Sweden. Fatima’s job was on the line as she pressed Pervin to get more information about the attack. The problem was that Pervin’s husband was one of the planners of the attack, and she’d have to betray him without being found out.

The terror plan hinged on Ibbe’s ability to convince four girls to willingly accept to become martyrs for the mission. Ibbe manipulated the girls by telling them that the mission aligned with their religion. The charming teaching assistant also preyed on the girls’ vulnerabilities to try and convince them that giving their lives for the cause was the right choice.

What to expect in Caliphate season 2

If we do get another season of Caliphate, we expect it to focus on the same issues highlighted in season 1. Radicalization was a major theme in season 1, and it might be explored further in season 2.

What we are sure to expect is the drama and suspense that was dominant in season 1. Caliphate season 1 was dark, but it was still an excellent binge due to the suspense at the end of every episode.