Kelly Monaco is an American model who gained global recognition for working with Playboy magazine in the 1990s. Monaco was Playmate of the Month in April 1997and went on to feature in numerous Playboy Special Edition publications. Kelly used modeling as a platform to launch an acting career, with her first television role coming in the drama Baywatch.

Monaco played the role of Susan, and sometimes she played Carmen Electra’s body double. Her stint on the soap opera Port Charles earned her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. After the show ended, she landed the role of Samantha McCall in General Hospital – a role she plays to this day.

Kelly was temporarily replaced by Lindsay Hartley on General Hospital due to complications with her mask during filming

Kelly Monaco and indsay Hartley

In early 2020, General Hospital halted filming due to the coronavirus pandemic. The production team recently resumed filming with adherence to strict safety regulations. As expected, the cast underwent coronavirus tests before they were allowed back on set.

Therefore, fans were understandably concerned for Kelly’s health after it emerged that Lindsay Hartley would temporarily play the role of Sam in General Hospital. Thankfully, Kelly’s mom, Carmina Monaco, revealed via Twitter that Kelly was safe and healthy and that she was advised to quarantine as a precaution. Carmina’s tweet read:

“Kelly is safe and healthy. First day back she had a hard time with Covid mask and was given a rather unexpected 14 day quarantine even though she tested negative twice for Covid antibodies. She is excited to get back on set next week.”

In a subsequent post, Carmina described Kelly as ‘better than great’ and added that she would be back on set on Monday, 3rd August. General Hospital fans should expect Kelly back on screen very soon.

Contrary to rumors, Kelly is not pregnant

Rumors were circulating during the quarantine period claiming that Kelly was pregnant, but they turned out to be false. As far as we can tell, Kelly is happily single.