Frank Fritz is an American television personality known for starring in American Pickers since 2010. The Iowa native started life as a safety and fire inspector before venturing into acting. The show follows Frank Fritz and his partner Mike Wolfe as they travel around the United States to buy and pick items for resale for clients or personal collections.

The show was an instant hit in the United States, with 3.1 million viewers tuning in to the debut episode. Fritz has starred in all seasons of the show, including the 22nd season, which began on 25th January 2021.

This piece will look at what happened to Frank Fritz and details on his love life.

Frank was rumored to have died after he missed several episodes of American Pickers in 2017

In 2017, Frank Fritz was rumored to have died after missing several episodes of American Pickers. The rumor claimed that Frank was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. However, it later emerged that Frank Fritz was involved in a traffic violation, but it didn’t involve an accident.

Frank was allegedly arrested by police for driving the wrong way in a silver pickup truck while intoxicated on alcohol and Xanax. Frank’s dangerous actions could have caused an accident, but he was apprehended before anybody got hurt.

Fritz missed several episodes of American Pickers during his arrest and presentation in court. The court sentenced Frank to one-year supervised probation and ordered him to pay a fine and participate in a substance evaluation program.

Fritz pointed to Crohn’s Disease as the reason for his sudden weight loss in 2013

In 2013, fans expressed concern at Fritz’s drastic weight loss between season 8 and season 9. Frank dispelled rumors about his health by pointing to his decades-long struggle with Crohn’s disease as the reason for his weight loss. “I have an illness called Crohn’s Disease, which at times is difficult to deal with,” Frank Fritz wrote on Facebook. “Well, I have been feeling great! I started losing weight and ran with it! I have been exercising and eating good.”

Frank had previously talked about his management of Crohn’s in a 2012 interview with the National Enquirer. “My entire crew knows about my Crohn’s,” he said. “They understand it when I need a break.” A year earlier, Fritz had told Quad-City Times that the disease had impacted him and the people he loves. He added:

“I’m trying to show people that regardless of the adversities… and the social situations, the awkwardness, accidents, that you can live a productive life.”

In 2019, Frank missed the second half of season 21 after he allegedly underwent back surgery.

Frank was rumored to be married to Diann after he posted several photos of the couple on Facebook

Frank’s inactivity on social media makes it hard to determine whether he is in a relationship. The last update on his love life came via Facebook in September 2017.

Fritz was in a relationship with Diann, a woman who occasionally appeared on his Facebook page. Frank sparked marriage rumors in December 2016 after he shared a picture of Diann, her daughter Page, and Page’s daughter Eulalia. “Spending time with my family – my Diann, Page and baby Eulalia,” Fritz wrote alongside the picture.

The photo sparked rumors that Frank is married to Diann. Fritz confirmed that he hadn’t married Diann, but he treats Diann’s family as his family. It’s unclear whether Fritz and Diann are still together, given his inactivity on social media, but we haven’t received news of a breakup.