In most haunted-house films, the ghosts of the deserted house have sinister motives. Not Ernest, however, the friendly ghost in Netflix’s We Have A Ghost. Kevin discovers Ernest in a house that his family has recently moved into.

Kevin learns that though the ghost’s shirt bears the name Ernest, its real name is Randy. Randy was murdered by his brother-in-law, who kidnapped Randy’s daughter, June, and raised her as his own. 

Randy’s brother-in-law lied that Randy had dropped off June at his house and vanished. 

We Have a Ghost is based on Geoff Manaugh’s fictional short story Ernest. 

Randy is stuck on earth in the film because justice hasn’t been served. Ghost hunter Leslie Monroe works with the CIA to capture Randy. However, filled with compassion, Monroe releases Randy.

As the film concludes, the CIA asks Kevin about Randy’s whereabouts. Kevin says Randy vanished, which is partly true

A flashback reveals that Randy tracked down his daughter June. After sharing an emotional moment with June, Randy left the earth, having found the closure he so longed for. 

Films about ghosts are mostly fictional, including We Have a Ghost