Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth fame died on 4th September 2023 due to acute liver failure. News of Harwell’s passing arrived after his manager, Robert Hayes, announced that Harwell’s time was nearly up. “Although Steve is here with us still, sadly it will only be for a short time,” the statement read

Steve Harwell’s fiancee, Annette Jones, was with him in his final moments

Steve Harwell and Annette Jones started dating in 2021. The timeline of their relationship is unclear but reports state that they were planning to marry soon. 

In a statement to the media, Robert Hayes revealed that Jones was taking care of Harwell in his final moments. “Steve is resting at home being cared for by his fiancée and hospice care,” Hayes said. “My only additional comment is that we would hope that people would respect Steve and his family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

After retiring from singing, Harwell moved to Boise, Idaho, to deal with his health problems. In 2013, Harwell was diagnosed with a heart condition and a neurological condition that can affect memory and speech. Harwell left Smash Mouth after a disastrous show in upstate New York during which he slurred his words, used profanity, and reportedly gave a Nazi salute. 

“I’ve tried so hard to power through my physical and mental health issues, and to play in front of you one last time, but I just wasn’t able to,” Harwell said at the time. 

Harwell’s ex-fiancee, Esther Campbell, accused Harwell of mental and verbal abuse

Esther Campbell reportedly started dating in 2018 and got engaged in August 2019. A month later, Campbell petitioned for a restraining order against Harwell, accusing him of ‘bombarding her with harassing texts and calls’. Campbell claimed Harwell engaged in ‘threatening behavior’ and was an excessive drinker. 

In May 2020, she filed for another restraining order. Campbell stated that Harwell’s behavior improved following a sting in rehab. However, after a while, Harwell’s became violent and erratic. She accused him of destroying her phone and leaving her car with its windows open in the rain. 

Campbell described Harwell as ‘vindictive, angry, vile, and mean’. She added that Harwell had stopped taking medication for bipolar disorder (it’s unclear if Harwell was bipolar). The judge ordered Harweel not to contact Campbell or stray within 200 yards of her. 

Michelle Laroque and Steve Harwell divorced after the death of their son, Presley

Harwell was married to a woman named Michelle Laroque. The couple had an extremely private relationship. One of the few times the pair appeared in public together was at the 2000 Grammys. 

Laroque and Harwell had a son in late 2000 named Presley Scott Harwell. Several months later, Presley developed acute lymphatic leukemia. Harwell was performing in North Dakota when Presley’s condition worsened. He rushed to his home in Las Vegas, leaving his band in North Dakota. The band canceled several shows after the confirmation of Presley’s death in late July 2001. 

It’s unclear when Laroque and Harwell divorced.