George Maharis of Route 66 fame passed away on 24th May 2023, his longtime friend Marc Bahan told The Hollywood Reporter. “George Maharis passed away. George is well known for his stardom in route 66, stage productions, singing, artist, and above all a great guy would do anything for anyone. My dear friend, you’ll be terribly missed,” Bahan wrote on Facebook. 

George Maharis never married; he preferred staying single

George Maharis never tied the knot and seemingly preferred staying single. He kept his love life secret, evading rumors about his love life. 

Maharis reportedly prioritized his career over his love life. An article on Vintage Paparazzi claims that Maharis and his agent, Mimi Weber, fell in love with each other but decided against pursuing a relationship. A friend of Mimi’s reportedly told the outlet:

“They have the closest manager-client relationship I’ve ever seen. When George is sick, for instance, as he has been recently with hepatitis, there’s no one who suffers for him more than Mimi. And when he’s well, there’s no one who spends more time or energy seeing that he doesn’t get himself sick again.”