One of Netflix’s gifts for its viewers this festive season was its new romance drama Virgin River. The series is based on the Virgin River novels written by Robyn Carr. Virgin River has been a huge success with fans and critics praising the acting and the storyline.

Virgin River provides an emotional rollercoaster that will make anyone cry, and we have been begging for another season. Thankfully, Netflix has announced that we will get a second season. You will find all the details about Virgin River season 2 here.

When will Netflix release Virgin River season 2?

Virgin River was confirmed for a second season even before season one premiered on 6th December 2019. Filming for season 2 started in September and ended on 17th December 2019. If all goes well, we predict that season 2 will be available on Netflix sometime in mid-2020.

We also suspect that we will get more Virgin River seasons after season 2 drops. According to IBT, Robyn Carr said; “They could go for years. We could grow old together”

The Virgin River book series has 20 volumes, and it means that there is a lot of content for a long series. We certainly wouldn’t mind 20 seasons of Virgin River.

What happened in Virgin River season 1?

Virgin River season 1 introduced us to Melinda Monroe as she searched for a way to run away from her problems. She chose to accept an ad that took her to the remote town of Virgin River to work as a nurse practitioner. The ad promised a job and a beautiful cabin.

Virgin River initially looked like a good solution for Melinda, but she soon realized that it would be tough to fit in with the town and its people. To her dismay, the cabin was a disaster, and the job was less than ideal because she had to deal with a head doctor who preferred to work alone.

Jack Sheridan provided the only positive for Melinda in Virgin River. He tried as much as he could to make Melinda feel at home, and he started to develop feelings for her. However, he found it difficult to express those feelings because he was expecting a child with Charmaine. Melinda wanted a future with Jack, but she knew that she couldn’t provide him with a child.

The town that was supposed to provide comfort and hope for Melinda only ended up disappointing her, and she started to wonder whether sticking around was worth it.

What to expect in season 2

Season 2 will answer one big question: Will Melinda leave Virgin River? Melinda’s stay in Virgin River was quite disappointing, but at the end, it looked like things were finally looking up for her. She’d created a rapport with Dr. Mullins, and she’d gone out with Jack.

However, news of Jack’s child with Charmaine devastated her, and even though Jack tried to convince her to stay, the final scene showed Melinda packing and stating that she was going ‘home’. Season 2 will reveal whether she plans to leave Virgin River for good.

We will also get to see the future of Jack’s relationships. He is expecting a child with Charmaine, but he admitted that he does not love her. We will see whether he chooses to stick around for the child or whether he chooses a future with Melinda. Keep in mind that any possible future relationship between Melinda and Jack will depend on whether she chooses to stay.

What we are sure about season 2 is that the series will loosely continue to follow the Virgin River novels.