Before Netflix’s Catching Killers told the story of Aileen Wuornos’ killing spree, arrest, and conviction, Aileen’s story featured in the 2003 film Monster. Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Aileen earned her Golden Globe, Academy, and SAG Awards. In the film, the fictional character Selby Wall played the role of Aileen’s real-life girlfriend, Tyria Moore. 

Tyria and Aileen met at a biker’s bar and fell for each other fast. They broke up two weeks before Aileen’s arrest for an outstanding warrant. Per Catching Killers, the split affected Aileen badly as she’d lost the only person who ever truly loved her. Moore’s testimony would later prove crucial in convicting Aileen. 

Tyria lives a private life allegedly in Pennsylvania with her family

Tyria took the witness stand and gave 75 minutes of damning testimony. It represented the second and last time Tyria and Aileen would cross paths after her arrest. 

Moore refuted Aileen’s testimony that she killed Richard Mallory because he tried to rape her. “She seemed fine,” Tyria described a relaxed Aileen, who downed a beer as she recounted the murder. 

Moore never met Aileen again after she left court that day.

Tyria adopted a secretive life after the trial. Tyria Moore reportedly lives in Pennsylvania with her family. 

Police used Tyria’s connection with Aileen to force her to confess

Fans of Catching Killers have questioned the tactics used by police officers to charge Aileen for murder. Per the documentary, police arrested Wuornos for an outstanding warrant, but they couldn’t charge her for murder due to insufficient evidence. 

They needed a confession, and they turned to Tyria for help. Tyria was the only person who ever loved and supported Aileen. “That is the anchor that Aileen had been looking for,” Aileen’s biographer, Sue Russell, writes. 

Tyria disapproved of Aileen’s prostitution, but she failed to talk her out of the profession: prostitution was the only source of living for the couple. 

Moore initially believed that Richard Mallory had tried to rape Aileen, considering that he was a convicted rapist. However, after Aileen started showing up with items she’d stolen from men, Moore became suspicious of Aileen. 

Tyria played no role in the murders, but she lied to Aileen that police were trying to pin the murders on her. The trick worked. “I’m not gonna let you go to jail,” Aileen told Tyria over the phone. “Listen, if I have to confess, I will.”

Aileen kept declaring her love for Tyria throughout the phone calls. That love led to her conviction and eventual execution.