Titanic is perhaps the greatest epic romance film ever made. Titanic had everything: unexpected romance, incredible acting, and a heartbreaking conclusion. The iconic photo of Jack and Rose aboard the Titanic is timeless. Jack and Rose were two people from different social classes who fell in love on the vessel.

James Cameron thought that creating a romance aboard the Titanic was the best way to share the emotional impact of the human loss after the ship capsized. Even the toughest people find it hard to maintain their composure while watching Titanic.

Titanic is a film that you should seriously consider watching. This article will detail where it is available for streaming.

Is Titanic available for Netflix?

Titanic’s availability on Netflix is dependent on your region. Titanic is available for Netflix viewers in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Titanic is only just returning to Netflix. The film was on Netflix earlier, but the film’s contract with Netflix ended in 2015. South Korea got the film in late 2018, Canada in late 2019, and the rest of the countries in early 2020.

Where is Titanic available for streaming?

Titanic is currently available for streaming on Sling TV. You need a subscription to watch Titanic via that platform. The Titanic’s streaming license must be quite expensive because it is currently not available on any other streaming platform.

The other option you have is to rent the film on platforms such as Amazon and Apple.

Similar films on Netflix.

It is difficult to find a film quite as good as Titanic, but there are plenty of films on Netflix to satisfy your romance cravings.

Her – The film introduces us to a lonely man named Theodore who is finalizing his divorce. When Theodore is not writing letters for people, he is playing video games at home. Theodore decides to buy the first artificial AI to help him at home. He then gradually falls in love with Samantha (the AI’s voice). Theodore is delighted, but he is hounded by whether the love he has is real.

Obvious Child – This film follows Donna after her boyfriend breaks up with her in a bathroom. In her frustration, she sleeps with a man named Max, and gets pregnant. Unexpectedly Max returns, and begins to woo Donna. She eventually tells him that she got pregnant and plans to abort the child. Max supports her, and it leads to an unlikely romance.