Tim Rogers followed his father into the gospel ministry. In the early 2000s, he founded a family quartet dubbed Tim Rogers & the Fellas, earning him national recognition. Tim’s personal life also thrived: he welcomed seven children alongside his wife, Shireta Rogers. The couple celebrated their 25th anniversary on 20th January 2023. Unfortunately, Shireta died in early May 2023. 

Tim Rogers likely died due to an unspecified illness

In early May 2023, Tim’s sister posted a video on Facebook that raised concerns for Shireta. She stated that Shireta was sick and in the ICU but didn’t reveal the illness. She stated:

“My brother has been getting hotels and everything for his family just to make sure they are taken care of. We want to give you the opportunity to help Tim and the entire family. This is because people have been asking us, what can we do for Tim and the children.”

“If we’ve got faith and believe in God, he will do anything for us. We believing for my sister-in-law, we’re believing for my brother’s wife.” She also asked people to support Tim financially. 

Four days after the video went live, Tim Rogers announced that Shireta had died. She likely died of the mysterious illness she was suffering from. Shireta’s official cause of death hasn’t been released

“First Lady Shireta Rogers has made her transition back to God her father,” the Facebook post read. “We love you all and thank you so much for your continuous prayers.”

Pastor Tim is yet to speak about Shireta’s death. However, some of the couple’s children have commented. Tiffany wrote on Instagram: “My Driving Force. Send as many signs! Visit me in my dreams as much as you can. You’re ONE with the divine now. Until We Meet Again.”

Fans have sent their condolences, including @kayelcee901, who tweeted: “So sad to hear about the wife of Tim Rogers. Feel like he’d celebrated with her at the Grammys and now this. Life is filled with swift transition.”