TikTok is growing so fast that we now have a phenomenon known as TikTok slang. Most of the slang words used are usually inside jokes between friends that rarely go viral. However, the TikTok slang term ‘sheesh’ has become a global sensation.

You need not scroll for long on your discover page to find a video with the world sheesh. Continued scrolling will reveal a truck-load of videos featuring ‘sheesh’. You might be wondering what this ‘sheesh’ is and how you can participate in the trend. This piece will explain the meaning behind the word and its origin on TikTok.

The word ‘sheesh’ on TikTok signifies shock, surprise or excitement

You have probably heard Kermit the Frog blurt out sheesh on numerous occasions to show displeasure. ‘Sheesh’ is an English word used ‘to express, disappointment, annoyance, or surprise.’

The ‘sheesh’ used on TikTok stresses on the vowels to sound more like ‘sheeeeeeeeesh’. On TikTok, it is used to show excitement at a particular video.

Most videos show someone doing something mildly impressive with the ‘sheesh’ audio playing in the background. It’s kind of a hype word and an appreciation that the person has done something cool.

The ‘sheesh’ audio originated from a TikTok user who recorded a video of a frog while screaming ‘sheesh’ in the background

TikTok user @meetjulio takes the credit for the ‘sheesh’ craze alongside the frog that appears in the original video. It’s unclear why the user chose to film the frog (maybe it’s a reference to Kermit the Frog), but as he filmed it, he kept saying ‘sheesh’ in a high-pitched voice.

The TikTok audio soon became a viral sensation and the motivation behind thousands of hilarious TikTok videos. Now that you know the meaning behind ‘sheesh’ and the audio’s origins, you and your friends can hop on the trend.