It seems like TikTok’s potential is limitless. The app started as a ‘replacement’ for the now defunct, but it has gone on to be far more than that. A viral TikTok challenge can spawn from anywhere, be it a Queen song from 1980, or a new song by an upcoming rapper.

TikTok’s unique format has attracted billions of fans, and with every new trend, more users join the app. One of the trends on TikTok right now is the pull up in that vrrr trend.

This piece will explain the if I pull up in that vrrr trend and the artist behind the audio.

The trend is based on No More Parties remix by upcoming rapper Reese Youngn

The if I pull up in that vrrr trend is based on rapper Reese Youngn’s March 2021 song No More Parties Remix. The catchy rap flows:

“I give you my whole body, Just please don’t tell nobody if I pull up in that vrrr vrrr vrrr vrrr, Just to get back to that ohhhh.”

Reese Youngn (real name Tyreese Maleek) is an upcoming rapper born on 27th February 1999 to Medina EL and Maurice Peterson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was raised by a single parent alongside 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Looking to escape the violence and bad influences in Pittsburgh, Reese followed his brothers into music. At age five he started freestyle rapping and began studying hip hop culture. By his early teens, Reese had already established himself as one of the brightest rap prospects in Homewood, Pittsburgh.

Youngn has been releasing music for several years and he might have finally found his big break with No More Parties remix. It’s popularity on TikTok has led to a rise in streaming numbers, downloads, and YouTube views. So far, the song has over 3.2 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics signify a secret relationship, but creators have diversified the trend

Reese has TikTok creator @yoo__rj to thank for helping popularize his song on TikTok. Yoo__Rj has over 50K followers on TikTok and was one of the first to post Reese’s song on the app.

Upon reading the lyrics, it’s clear that the singer is dedicated to the relationship; hence, “I give you my whole body.” However, the same person wants the relationship to remain secret. The person therefore sings, “Just please don’t tell nobody if I pull up in that vrrr.”

Clearly, the singer is infatuated by their lover as they are pulling up, “Just to get back to that ohhhhh.” Some TikTokers have interpreted the song in its literal sense, creating humorous videos showing them rushing to meet their partners.

However, most users have let their creativity run wild. It seems like the audio can go with almost any type of video as nearly all of them are funny.


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