The creatives on TikTok have come up with another trend and this time they’ve called it another one bites the dust. Another one bites the dust has been up on TikTok for the past month, making it one of the longest-running trends on the app.

It’s not too late to hop on the trend, and given its simplicity, it is quite easy to execute. It follows a standard theme, but you can let your creativity run wild. Who knows? You might start a new trend based on another one bites the dust.

This piece will look at the song behind the trend and the meaning behind it.

Another one bites the dust is based on Queen’s hit 1980 song with the same name

TikTok’s founder Zhang Yiming was not yet born when Queen released Another one bites the dust in 1980. Four decades later, the song has become the basis of a viral trend. The trend features the following lyrics:

“Another one bites the dust, Another one bites the dust, And another one gone and another one gone, Another one bites the dust.”

The captions of the trend talk about screwing up a chance to prove yourself

At least once in our lifetimes, we’ve had the chance to prove ourselves only to mess it up. Another one bites the dance hilariously references our screw ups.

As the first part of the challenge starts, the user captions the opportunity. Something like, “See I really like you,”. As the second part plays, the user reveals the screw up. “But you take literally seven years to reply and now I’m bored.”

The trend leaves plenty of room for creativity. Some users change outfits as the video plays while others add humorous twists. One popular one goes, “Yeah having a bf is cool but hot girl summer with my best friends seems more fun.”