There’s something about family dramas that makes them so compelling. Perhaps it’s because most of us relate to the stories they tell. This Is Us is a family drama that will have you appreciating the people you call family. That is after you cry your heart out while watching the show.

This Is Us follows the story of 3 siblings known as the Big Three. Their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson, delivered 3 babies six weeks before the due date. One of the babies died, and, believing that they were meant to raise three children, Jack and Rebecca adopted a day old African American child (Randall).

Kate, Kevin, and Randall grow up together until their father dies 17 years after they were born. The show is set in the present day, but there are a series of flashbacks that try to explain the present. We get to see how the children were raised and the effects of their childhood in their present lives.

Each of the big 3 has baggage from the past. Kate always felt like an outsider because of weight issues, Kevin was neglected because he appeared perfect, while Randall was always the visible outsider. This is us really pulls on your heartstrings as you watch the three siblings trying to live happy and meaningful lives.

Is This Is Us available on Netflix?

This Is Us premiered on 20th September 2016, and it has 3 complete seasons. The 4th season premiered on 24th September 2019 on NBC.

NBC has a good relationship with Netflix, but This is Us is distributed by 20th Century Fox. Fox ended its relationship with Netflix in 2017, thus making it highly unlikely for Fox shows to appear on Netflix. You will have to stream This is us on Hulu or on NBC applications.

Netflix Canada subscribers are the only ones lucky to have This is us on Netflix. The complete seasons of the show usually appear on Netflix Canada in September. This is us season 4 will likely appear on Netflix Canada in September 2020.

Similar shows on Netflix

Fortunately, you can catch the following shows on Netflix.

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