All manner of TikTok accounts went viral in 2020, including The Vegan Teacher’s TikTok account. As the name suggests, The Vegan Teacher (real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer) discusses issues regarding veganism, encouraging people to subscribe to vegan culture. Kadie vehemently objects to the consumption of animals and animal products. 

Diekmeyer has the freedom to post her message on social media, but she has to follow community guidelines to keep her accounts. Her reluctance or refusal to adhere to the guidelines has led to the removal of some of her social media accounts. 

Karen’s constant disappearances on social media have led to rumors that The Vegan Teacher is dead. 

The Vegan Teacher is not dead and continues posting on social media

The Vegan Teacher is alive and committed to spreading the vegan message. She recently posted an Instagram video addressing false reports that she was dead. Kadie said: 

“It’s very crazy: these people who think that I have died. I have been here the whole time. I have many TikTok accounts and if ever you can’t find me on TikTok you can also try to look up the hashtag That Vegan Teacher. And you can always find me on YouTube.”

The last time Diekmeyer faced death rumors, she urged netizens to perform research before spreading false reports. She said in a YouTube video titled Responding to your comments: Why does everyone always think I’m dead:

“They don’t bother to find out the truth. People, in general, are ignorant. Our school systems are not teaching critical thinking enough. I encourage you, every time you hear a rumor about somebody, just check it out. I am alive and doing fine.”

Karen posts daily content on social media, but it isn’t easy to find her on TikTok. She’s opened multiple accounts because TikTok keeps suspending them. It’s easier to interact with her on Instagram or YouTube. 

The Vegan Teacher has faced criticism for making racist, bigoted, and discriminatory statements

Part of the reason why TikTok keeps banning The Vegan Teacher is that she doesn’t tolerate any opposition to veganism. Karen often responds to detractors using insensitive and discriminatory comments that get flagged by social media sites. 

A petition calling for her removal from TikTok accused Karen of attempting to shame people into accepting veganism. “She has made blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism her way and her way alone,” the petition read. 

It proceeded to describe instances when Karen made insensitive comments against the LGBTQ+ community, black people, and people with disabilities. 

Diekmeyer’s viral account had over 1.7 million subscribers, but she lost it due to multiple community guidelines infringements. She responded by creating an account titled That.HolocaustTeacher, in which she compared factory farming to the Holocaust. TikTok banned that account several days later. 

Karen likely has several TikTok accounts to maintain a presence on the platform after TikTok inevitably bans one of them.