Flux Pavilion almost retired, having felt the desire to pursue a new musical direction. A decade after he announced himself as a top dubstep artist, Pavilion no longer felt satisfied with his music. Pavilion opted to reinvent himself, stepping away from the dance genre that earned him global acclaim. “Ten years on, if you say ‘Flux Pavilion’ to a regular person, they’re like, ‘Oh, a dubstep guy.’ That has never been so untrue as this album now,” Pavilion talked to Billboard about the album .wav. 

Flux Pavilion shares one child with his mystery partner

Flux Pavilion shares little about his love life. On 24th May 2021, he surprised fans by announcing the birth of his first child. Pavilion shared a Twitter photo of his partner and the newborn baby. “Little Boudicea was born on Saturday at 8:57 a.m. Expect an album of ambient baby music soon,” Pavilion wrote

The couple named the child after Queen Boudicea of the ancient British Iceni tribe. Boudecia led a failed uprising against invading Roman forces around AD 60. She is considered a national heroine and symbol of independence in Britain. Flux Pavilion is a Briton from Towcester, UK. 

Pavilion’s partner is highly secretive. We haven’t confirmed her name or whether she and Pavilion are married. Pavilion suggested to Billboard that his family is more important to him than music. He said:

“We love music, and we’re going out there and at the end of the day we come home to our wives, our girlfriends and our families and that’s who we really are. This whole other thing is just a world we step into.”

Pavilion told the outlet he’s much happier after starting therapy and medication. He stated that acknowledging his depression proved a turning point in his life. He explained:

“But at the end of the day, there is something wrong in my body that effects my serotonin levels, and medication is the help my body needs. My body needs something to help it run. Since I made that distinction and I started on the medication – I just feel like a normal person now.”