In case you are wondering who Hasan Minhaj is, he is the Indian-Muslim guy who hosted the 2017 White House correspondent’s dinner. After appearing in minor television shows, Minhaj rose to prominence after landing a job on the Daily Show where he played the Senior correspondent for four years (2014-2018).

Hasan, who has often cited Chris Rock as his first inspiration, has grown as an actor, comedian, and political critic, partly due to his stunning Indian-American wife, Beena Patel Minhaj. In 2018, he took the spotlight once again by winning the Peabody Award after the Netflix debut of his first stand-up comedy special- Homecoming King.

Recently, he started his own weekly show- Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. For a star that is rising so fast, we couldn’t help to wonder what his wife and family are all about. With that, here are some of the untold truths of Beena, one of Hollywood’s most reserved beauties!

She is an academic enthusiast

There is nothing more intriguing than a woman who has gone through a tough education system and came out stronger than ever. This is exactly what happened to Beena Patel. She has exceeded her family’s expectations and over-delivered every step of the way.

Born in the 1980s, Beena proved to be smart and was fast enough to master 4 languages by the time she joined high school. These were English, Hindu, Spanish, and Gujarati. Upon completion of her High School studies in 2003, she joined the University of California (Los Angeles) where she studied Physiology, Neurobiology and Behavioral analysis.

One of the most outstanding qualities of Mrs. Minhaj is that she remained motivated and was sold out to her education. After graduating with a specialty in the aforementioned fields in 2007, she immediately began her Master’s degree at the University of California (Davis School of Medicine). There, she majored in Public Health. But this was not the end for her!

She continued with her academic quest and enrolled for a Doctor of Public Health degree at the same University, and is currently referred to as Dr. Beena Minhaj. She involved herself in different medical outreaches while still in school, thus being awarded the esteemed prize- Roemer Award at her final graduation in 2013.

Beena has gone above and beyond to exploit her full potential and has inspired people all over the world.

She has a rock-solid resume

Hasan Minhaj and Beena Minhaj
Hasan Minhaj and Beena Minhaj (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

After completing her post-graduate degrees, Beena was aggressive in the job market and was ready to climb up the food chain in the industry dominated by men. She was fearless and had a high Intelligence quotient to back her up.

She has worked with many high-level companies, one of them being CEP– one of America’s leading providers staffing solutions and acute care management. It deals with numerous departments including hospital medicine, urgent care, ambulatory and generally everything revolving around medicine. Beena is recognized nationally and has replicated her best practices to other parts of the world as well.

Prior to this, she worked for various international organizations, which helped her build up experience and gain some exposure. Her first reputable job was at Retinal Consultants (Sacramento, California) where she worked as a clinical research coordinator. Later in 2008, she became a clinical analyst as well as an accounts manager at Cave Consulting group, and this was one of her first big breaks.

From then onwards, multiple consultant jobs came her way, and she put her best foot forward all the time. Over the course of her job experience, she has worked closely with Healthcare quality firms all over the US and pioneered great systems while working for the Los Angeles-based think tank- UCLA Center for Health Research.

Currently, she is a transformational consultant in MedAmerica; a position she loves dearly. Indeed, her resume is incomparable to Hassan’s even though they are both in different careers.

She is extremely secretive

Beena has portrayed one of the most unique traits for a celebrity’s wife. She is extremely secretive and doesn’t reveal much about her life to the public. That’s not enough, Hasan has never mentioned anything personal about their lives even when his humor goes overboard.

Such a quality is rare in Hollywood, where everyone tries so hard to be a wannabe or a trendsetter. She has managed to keep her name out of any public scandals, thereby raising her standards and dignity.

You would expect her to have a huge following on social media platforms but it’s the opposite. She has remained modest in so many ways, to the extent of turning her Instagram account to private. She feels safe from prying eyes and being followed by people she does not recognize.

Through this, she has been able to be effectual in building her personal space, enriching herself and ultimately giving her family a sense of direction. On the contrary, Hassan is one of the most common household names in the United States, thanks to his unmatched Stand-up comedy skills. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on different media handles and maintains a vibrant social life.

She is not of the same faith as Hasan

Beena Minhaj and Hasan Minhaj
Beena Minhaj and Hasan Minhaj (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

When seen together, both Hasan and Beena seem to be both Muslim or Hindu; both are quite hard to distinguish at first sight. In essence, Beena is Hindu while Hasan is Muslim; something that is rather interesting to many. Could this have been a problem during their marriage? Yes, definitely!

The beautiful couple first met at the University of California, Davis, where Hasan took Political Science. Later on during an interview, Minhaj mentioned how he felt attracted to her the moment their eyes met. Fortunately, Beena reciprocated the same and they clicked within no time. Soon afterward, it was time to make formal introductions on each side of the family. This was the tricky part.

According to Islam laws, interfaith marriage (marrying outside your religion) is only condoned when a Muslim male marries a non-Islam woman who is either Jew or Christian. Going by this, it was a hectic period when the lovely couple showed interest to spend the rest of their lives together. The most obvious thing would have been the transformation of Beena from Hindu to Islam, but this was not an option for her.

Both parties had to come to a conclusion and since they shared a love like no other, they were allowed to get married. However, Indian customs were more dominant in the wedding which happened in 2015. It was very traditional and had numerous customs involved. As per the culture, both Hasan and Beena were not permitted to move in together while courting.

At the end of it all, their dream came true. Since then, there has been no issue regarding their religion. In 2018, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who has been kept out of the public eye as much as possible.

She has made a few public appearances

Beena’s personality goes beyond education and work. We do believe she is interesting and makes her relationship much more fun, despite being a private person.

Having a comedian for a husband calls for a lot of perseverance and guts since they always create humor and satirical jokes even out of the most serious situations. This by itself is a clear indicator that she has a knack for being in a light mood most of the time.

As Evelyn McGee Colbert once stated in an interview, she never allowed her husband (famous comedian- Stephen Colbert) to come home with his Television character. The same could be the case with Beena and Hasan. All the same, she has been supportive all through, and this is evident since the Indian comedian has often made jokes about their union in his stand up shows.

Beena has accompanied her husband to multiple awards and events such as the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner, where Hasan was the main host. All through, she has showcased her rich sense of style. Which brings us to another untold truth about her: She is talented in fashion and interior design. Talk about a woman with different talents! Ever since they started dating, Hasan’s outlook changed and he started looking even more vibrant.

During a past interview, he took a moment to praise his wife who decorated their new apartment in New York and has always played a major role in styling him up. As seen, there is always much more than what meets the eye.

There is definitely more to expect from Beena Minhaj

On the whole, we have seen than Beena is one of the most successful celebrity wives in terms of academic accolades. She has been there with Hasan through it all and is a perfect example that anyone can succeed, regardless of race or gender, as long as they remain focused.

With Hasan’s career expanding and having greater responsibilities in the Television industry, we do expect to see much more from his beautiful wife. They are still young and could have more kids to share in their blessings. Who knows, she could even start a global medical organization. Her best days are yet to come.

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