Terry Crews is one of the most recognizable Hollywood stars. The former NFL star is built the Hulk, but he has a very likable personality. Crews gained global fame when he played the role of Julius Rock, in the CW sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. Despite having no training as an actor, Crews gradually established himself as a comedy specialist.

Terry showed that he could also perform in action films after playing the role of Hale Caesar in The Expendables. Crews went on to star in the BET reality show The Family Crews and, afterward, he landed a leading role in the comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Crews credits his wife for helping him achieve his unprecedented success as an actor.

Rebecca King-Crews is almost always by Terry’s side. This piece will detail Rebecca’s up and down marriage to Crews and how she plans to reignite her performance career.

She almost friend-zoned Terry because he was too nice

Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews
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Rebecca attended the West Michigan University to pursue theatre and music. Terry was at the same school, but he was more interested in a football career. Rebecca and Terry met when she was playing piano in church. Crews was interested in Rebecca, but he was initially too nice for her liking. Crews told ABC News that he almost ended up in the friend zone;

“Rebecca was playing piano at my church… I went, ‘You play that piano really nice.’ She was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ I was in the friend zone! What happened was I earned my way in. I treated her with respect and I knew. I said, ‘This is the one.’… I took my time. I was not going to mess that up.”

Rebecca and Crews eventually tied the knot on 29th July 1989. On 3rd August 2018, Rebecca shared a photo of the couple’s marriage ceremony on Twitter. She added the caption;

“29 years ago in Kalamazoo Michigan I said ‘I do’ to the sweetest, goofiest, artist/football player to ever walk into my church! Check out my Whitney Houston inspired head peace, and the short hair! I’ve has short hair since I was 13, never felt the need 2 grow it – he likes!”

The couple went on to have five kids: Azriel, Isaiah, Naomi, Tera, and Wynfrey. Crews and Rebecca celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by throwing a lavish party at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. The party featured replicas of the couple’s original wedding cake and bridal bouquet. Stevie Wonder was also on hand to give a surprise performance of the song Ribbon in The Sky.

She left Terry for a while as he struggled with depression and pornography addiction

Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews

Terry played football for a while, but he quit in 1997 to try out acting. The transition was tough for Terry as he struggled to fit back into society. Terry struggled with depression, and it led to an addiction to pornography. He kept the depression and pornography from his wife, but one day he broke and revealed everything to her.

Rebecca was stunned by the revelation, and she decided to pack and leave. She stated in an episode of Dr. Phil;

“He told me about the prostitute. He told me about the all the porn things, and I said, ‘You know we are done, right? … The hardest part was knowing that someone that I loved, respected, and trusted was nothing like I thought he was. I know it’s like a lie. Everything was a lie.”

When Terry realized that Rebecca was serious about leaving, he decided to change for the better. He had to convince Rebecca that he had changed completely for her to return. It took Rebecca three years to be able to trust Terry again, and she says that she still has little moments of PTSD concerning Terry’s revelation.

Rebecca and Terry are back together now, and they are enjoying their marriage fully.

She was by Terry’s side during his sexual assault case against agent Adam Venit

Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews

In 2017, Terry alleged that he had been sexually assaulted by Adam Venit at a party. Terry revealed that he had been assaulted after several female actors accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. He stated in a series of tweets that a ‘high level’ Hollywood executive groped his private parts during a party in 2016.

Terry said that he decided not to retaliate because he knew that the headlines would be twisted against him. He tweeted;

“I was going to kick his ass right then – but I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear… ‘240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho’ would be the headline the next day. Only I probably wouldn’t have been able to read it because I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN JAIL. So we left.”

Adam apologized to Terry a day after the incident, but he didn’t acknowledge his actions. Terry later filed a lawsuit for assault, battery, and sexual harassment. Crews and Adam eventually settled in September 2018. Rebecca told Unpopular Magazine that she was proud of Terry for fighting for his rights. She said;

“I have nothing but pride for my husband. This is a subject worth fighting over. We spent a lot of our money to fight. Which we got back. I got see my husband fight for his rights in a town where he had to put up with a lot of stuff to work. It was a great moral victory.”

Terry recently faced backlash for a tweet he posted about Rebecca

Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews
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Terry Crews came under intense backlash about comments he made after Gabrielle Union quit America’s Got Talent. After she and Julianne Hough quit the show, Variety reported that there was a toxic culture at the show, which included racist jokes and sexism. Crews spoke on The 3rd Hour of Today and said that he hadn’t experienced racism of any kind on the show.

He called America’s Got Talent the most diverse place he’d ever been during his time as an entertainer. Crews came under fire for his comments, with fans accusing him of refusing to support Union even after she had supported him during his sexual assault trial. Terry responded to the backlash with the following tweet;

“There is only one woman on earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca. Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. I will let their husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take care of them. Rebecca gives me WINGS.”

The tweet praised Rebecca for being supportive of Crews, but people didn’t see it that way. They criticized Crews for using his wife as a shield against admitting that he failed to support Union.

She is working on re-igniting her music career

Rebecca King-Crews

Rebecca started writing songs and playing instruments at the age of 9. Her musical inspiration came from her parents. Rebecca’s mom gave Rebecca musical lessons and taught her how to play instruments. Rebecca’s stepfather continued to inspire Rebecca’s music after her biological father passed away.

After Rebecca and Terry got married, Rebecca put her career on hold to focus on raising her children. As the kids grew older, Rebecca decided to rekindle her music career. She released her first radio single I Keep holding On, under her alter ego’s name, Regina Madre. Rebecca released the song under that name because she wanted to see whether people would appreciate the song without knowing who she was.

Regina told Black Girl Nerds; “I wanted to see if I can find an audience who liked my music, without knowing anything about me. To hear the music without prejudice of status, relationships, or race. I wanted to put the music out and see who likes it… Even the radio promoter didn’t know that it was me.”

Rebecca dropped her alter ego name in 2018, and started making music under her real name. She had tried to hide her face during photo shoots, but after consulting her team and family, Rebecca chose to drop the name Regina. One of her first songs under the name Rebecca was titled Breathless. The song made references to Rebecca’s marriage to Crews.