The Death of Dick Long is a flick for fans of dark comedy. The film is a product of Bill Chew’s imagination and Daniel Schienert’s directorial genius. It features stars such as Andre Hyland, Roy Wood Jr., Michael Abort Jr., and Sunita Ami.

The film begins with a typical rock ‘n’ roll band enjoying the after-hours after a tireless rehearsal. Rock fans will enjoy the start because it features some brilliant rock music. The celebration features typical rock ‘n’ roll behavior. There’s lots of alcohol, dope, and a campfire soaked with piss.

It all seems pretty normal for such a band, but things take a turn for the worst when the next scene features a bleeding Dick on the back seat of a speeding motor vehicle. His friends, Zeke and Earl, are on the front seats rushing to get their bandmate to hospital.

The duo gets Dick to the hospital, but they dump him in front of the emergency section. Unfortunately, Dick dies due to severe blood loss. The question on every viewer’s mind is; who killed Dick Long? His bandmates are the obvious suspects, and there is a strong case against them.

The mystery is quite engaging, with lots of dark humor. It is a film that slowly captures your attention and one that is definitely worth watching.

Will The Death of Dick Long come to Netflix?

You probably expect such an engaging film to appear on Netflix. However, it is unlikely that The Death of Dick Long will appear on Netflix.

The Death of Dick Long was produced and distributed by A24. The film production company recently signed a deal with Apple that will see most of A24’s films exclusively available on Apple. Details about the deal have been kept secret, and it unclear when the film will appear after its theatrical release.

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