Pasha Pashkov is a dancer who’s starred in various shows in the U.K. and the U.S., including Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars. Pashkov met his wife, Daniella Karagach, through dancing. The couple have won the U.S. National Dancesport competition multiple times and recently welcomed their first child, Nikita.

Pasha Pashkov was born in Russia; he moved to the United States at age 15

Pasha Pashkov was born on May 28, 1986, to Valeriy Pashkov and Tatiana Pashkova in Perm, Russia. He is Caucasian.

Pashkov started dancing when he was eight. He quit after one competition to pursue sports like taekwondo, swimming, and tennis. Tatiana reinvigorated Pashkov’s interest in dancing. “At first, I stayed mainly because of the social environment there. I was enjoying the company of people there. At some point later, I felt that I am fairly decent dancer, that I can do it, and started participating in competitions,” he told

Pashkov was 15 when his father won a green card in the visa lottery. The family settled in Ohio, a vibrant dance scene with no competitive dance studios, partners, or coaches. Pashkov found a partner in New York and moved there to continue his dancing career. He explained:

“The opportunities in New York were great. I had a partner and coaches and my parents did not want me to lose this opportunity. Yes, I wasn’t totally alone. First, for a year, I lived with my partner’s family. When I was sixteen I lived on my own, which was very hard. My Dad came and stayed with me, helped me out until I got to college.”