Supernatural is one of the longest-running television series in the world. It is set to be renewed for its 15th and final season. It will be sad to see it go, especially because of all the mysteries it has provided us with since it premiered in 2005.

Why do we love Supernatural so much?

We love Supernatural because of how entertaining and mysterious it is. The series follows the story of two brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester). Their mother was murdered by a supernatural being while they were young. In turn, their father (John) teaches them how to hunt and kill these supernatural beasts.

22 years after their mother’s death, their father disappears. The boys engage in a killing spree of supernatural beings in search of John. When they do find him, he reveals that he knows the identity of their mother’s killer. John attempts to strike a deal with this supernatural being, but it all goes wrong when the being decides to kill him.

Filled with feelings of anger and revenge, the boys vow to kill this supernatural being. However, they soon find out that Sam (only six months old at the time) might have played a role in their mom’s murder. The boys have to fight werewolves, angels, demons, the four horsemen, witches, and many more to protect themselves and the people they love.

Supernatural is one crazy and thoroughly entertaining series, and it will be heartbreaking to watch it end.

Will Supernatural season 15 come to Netflix?

The 15th season of Supernatural will premiere on the CW on 10th October. The entire season of Supernatural usually appears on Netflix 8 days after the release of the season finale. Supernatural usually has 20 episodes, with most seasons ending at around April. Netflix US subscribers can expect Supernatural at around April or May 2020.

Netflix subscribers outside the US will receive episodes of Supernatural a day after the episode airs on The CW. This applies to subscribers in areas such as Canada and the UK.

What to expect in Supernatural season 15

The ending of shows like Supernatural usually features the death of some characters. One of the showrunners, Andrew Dabb, revealed that we will see the deaths of several key characters in the series. 

Andrew didn’t reveal much about the upcoming season, but we are guaranteed to experience a roller coaster of emotions as we say goodbye to Sam and Dean.